Google looks at a variety of different factors when determining the ranking of websites that show up on their SERPs. One of the main factors used to evaluate web pages is how relevant they are to users (these details will explain everything).

This is a big factor for Google because if the search results are not relevant to users then no user is likely to click on the link.

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User was a huge factor in the 2016 rankings for Facebook. It makes sense to compare Facebook to other social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn. Facebook is widely recognized as the social network for teenagers and therefore there is a lot of emphasis on the quality of the content.

Facebook was ranked at #1 in just about every industry including new media, education, health, food, and beauty.

Facebook’s content management system is excellent. This enables the social network to see all the posts from its users, meaning that Facebook sees all the relevant topics in each post and the ones that are most relevant to that topic. Facebook makes a point of removing all spam and junk posts but it is not able to figure out what is appropriate for each person.

Facebook encourages users to share their own content instead of relying on others. This keeps its users engaged which means that more Facebook users are adding content to the site. Facebook also encourages sharing links to other sites. If you type in a URL into Facebook, the URL is pulled directly from other social media sites. For example, Facebook pulls a URL from Reddit, YouTube, Tumblr, or Pinterest. This means that Facebook can keep up with the evolution of the Internet and search engine optimization. Facebook is very well positioned to reap benefits from new technologies.

Facebook also supports groups which are useful for searching. You can find useful information about local businesses and products that have similar products in different areas. Facebook also supports topic and blog categories that are helpful for searches. In fact, with the help of relevant keywords, Facebook searches can be quite accurate.

Google’s ranking algorithm is more complicated. They actually allow user to exclude search results, page rank, keywords, geographic area, and categories.

Google ranks websites by how relevant they are to Google users. The word relevance has three aspects. One is the general relevance of the content. Another is how informative, instructive, and useful the content is.

It should also be noted that Google also uses different factors to determine relevance. They can’t just rely on user searches.

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